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Welcome to GB Bodywork - Clinic of Alternative Medicine.

Alternative treatment in traditional medicine refers to forgotten methods of healing that are often ignored by traditional medicine. Alternative methods, however, predate traditional medicine hundreds or even thousands years. In our practice we are using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Russian Folk Medicine, Ayurveda herbs. To summarize in short, the following is a list of alternative methods used in, and aiding the healing process:

- Acupuncture,
- Electro stimulation,
- Moxa, cups and other accessory techniques
- Different bleeding work,
- Asian Bodywork Therapy
- Visceral Therapy (massage of internal organs)
- Dietary and water supplements
- Exercise / Meditation
- Qi Gong (Six Healing Sounds)
- Ayurveda Herbs
- Body purification methods

I strongly believe that process of healing, especially most of chronic diseases consist of full complex of the above list. Also, changing ones’ lifestyle is one of the indispensable requirement to stay on right track to healing and not to let chronic condition return after treatment is completed.

TCM says, 85% of healing process success depends on patient, 15% - on practitioner. It’s very logic, one or two hours a week in practitioner office are not compatible to the rest hours of the week when the patient is on his/her own. So we do our part (see the list above), you do your part (lifestyle improvement, food, water, exercises…)

Usually, approximate time for healing is counted as:

1. At least 3 month of procedures (acupuncture, herbs, massage, exercise, diet…) to start feeling the difference.
2. Each year of having chronic condition takes (costs) one month of treatment. For instance: if you have digestive problem for 6 years, expect to stay on strict regime and treatment for 6 months. And if you don’t want the condition return, change your lifestyle for good and enjoy good health.

If you are ready to do your part for path to permanent healing, it will be our pleasure to do our part and help you maintain your health with our treatment and sharing the benefits from Eastern and Folk Medicine like Qi Gong, self massage, Su Jok, exercises and dietary supplements.

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